Supporting a loved
one with a helpful gift
is simple.

When the people you care about are expecting a baby, you can gift a Virtual Village of real support in just a few quick clicks.

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Start Here

Who is it from?

Who is it from?

There is a group of us

There is a group of us

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Just me

Create a Village

Create a Village

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Invite your group to contribute

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Gift the Voucher

Recipient spends voucher on multiple items

Recipient spends voucher on multiple items

Are you looking for a helpful gift for your pregnant friend?

Whether it is from just you, or you and your work colleagues, kinder mums, or friends and family who want to band together, It Takes a Village is the perfect solution for helpful gifting with a side of sustainability for good measure!

Create a Village

A village is a one-stop, online shop, for the person you care about.

They can use their Village Voucher across a range of helpful services and products. Like some home cooked meals, delivered! Or a pregnancy massage to ease into the third trimester? How about someone to take the dog for a walk, or the other kids to the park, so our expecting mum can have a nap! The list goes on..

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It's the magic answer to the difficult question: "How can I help?"

They redeem their voucher for all the things they really need, at the times they really need them. Spirits will be lifted (literally, if you’re anything like us). Cue relief and warm glow all around.

Create a Village
  • "My work and family arranged a village when I had my first child via caesarean and my partner had to go straight back to work. It was fabulous to be able to arrange a cleaner while I had some recovery time."

    Steph  — 


  • "As the office manager in a large company, It Takes a Village has become my go-to when our employees welcome a new baby. It's the most helpful gift we can give as an organisation looking to support our employees and reduce our environmental impact"

    Fiona  — 


  • "It Takes a Village helped us continue with a semi-normal life. In the weeks we ran out of food or when we didn’t have time to clean the house or do the laundry, The Village was always there for us"

    Chris  — 


  • "Ivy was my 3rd baby and the last thing I needed was another brand-new swaddle or teddy bear. I set up a Village instead of a baby registry, so the gifts from our friends turned into a cleaner for the first few months which REALLY helped us out"

    Sally  — 


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  • Bumps Pilates

    Your body changes dramatically during pregnancy with the weight of the baby, stretching of muscles and ligaments and hormonal changes (to name just a few!). This can cause symptoms of back/pelvic pain, weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, separation of abdominal muscles (DRAM), posture changes and muscle tightness.


    Bumps Pilates knows all of this, and was designed specifically for pregnancy, by Physiotherapists specialising in Womens’ Health, who also run all classes.


    Performed on reformer pilates beds, which have spring loaded resistance to provide safe strengthening & stretching of your body, Bumps Pilates help throughout Pregnancy and while recovering after birth.


    Bumps Pilates classes help you strengthen specific muscles, stretch tight muscles, and can both prepare you for labour & birth, and help to recover postnatally.

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  • Franjos Kitchen

    Franjos Kitchen exists to support and nourish mothers and their families. Franjos see food as nature’s medicine and in consultation with a naturopath, have formulated a range of natural ingredients to create delicious and nutritious snacks specifically for mamas and mamas-to-be.


    The aim of Franjos is to enhance the experience of motherhood by creating natural, nourishing and functional food that supports women through each stage of their journey – from pregnancy, to breastfeeding and beyond.


    When you eat a Franjos Kitchen biscuit, cracker or muesli, the team behind Franjos want it to feel like you’re getting a warm and delicious hug. Whether you’re struggling to keep anything down while pregnant or worried about your milk supply, Franjos functional food aims to make mum life that little bit easier for you.

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  • Femme Physio

    Femme Physio specialise in pelvic health, pre and postnatal conditions and postnatal breast care. Sharona has a well deserved reputation for excellence in the treatment of breast conditions during the postnatal period and Hayley specialises in prolapse management and pessary fittings.


    The services offered by Femme Physio are:

    • mastitis & lactation related conditions (ultrasound therapy & expert management advice)
    • pelvic floor rehabilitation
    • pelvic pain/sexual pain
    • bladder/bowel dysfunction
    • pre & post natal physiotherapy
    • prolapse management & pessary fittings
    • TENS for labour (& labour education)


    Femme Physio strive for the highest quality of care and are dedicated to the holistic health and wellbeing of every client

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  • Laundry Lady

    Take a load off your mind with Laundry Lady!

    The Laundry Lady is a professional mobile laundry service operating across New South Wales, Victoria & Queensland.

    A member of our team (Laundry Ladies and Lads) will come direct to your door – with our exclusive, affordable and convenient pickup and dropoff wash, dry, fold and ironing service.

    Save time and book your next wash and fold service with Laundry Lady. We do the lot:

    • Clothes
    • Linen
    • Towels
    • Blankets
    • And more..
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  • Fill Your Cup


    Imagine a world where after the birth of your child, you returned home and had a dedicated person whose sole job was to look after YOU. Provide support and nourishment for YOU. Someone to make delicious nutrient-rich meals, fold that stack of washing, settle your baby while you rest and lend a non-judgmental ear when you’ve had a tough night.


    Enter stage left… This person is known as a Fill Your Cup postpartum doula.

    Micka and Renee are trained postpartum doulas who met whilst completing their PhDs at Monash University. Renee focused on the biochemistry of the immune system, whilst Micka pursued her passion for women’s health. They’ve taken divergent career paths but continued their friendship throughout the years. Their daughters, born almost 365 days apart, sparked a new bond. Motherhood. From there, came a new and undiscovered appreciation for mothers and matrescence – the transition of a maiden into a mother… and Fill Your Cup was born…


    The philosophy is simple:

    Mother the mumma, nurture the nurturer and provide women the opportunity to fall in love with their postpartum experience

    Our evidence-based menu is designed to nourish and strengthen you during the fourth trimester. As the weeks progress, the menu is curated to your specific needs with a focus on organic nutrient-dense foods that promote the love hormone, oxytocin. Our meals are warm, restorative and assist in promoting better breastfeeding outcomes for you and your baby.


    Our main meals may include: Hunter chicken stew; Slow-cooked pork tacos + pineapple salsa; nourishing ginger fried rice. At least one vegetarian/vegan option each week.


    Our sweeties may include: Choc + Goji lactation cookies, gooey chocolate brownies, pear + pecan loaf.

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  • Sweet Cheeks Merino

    Sweet Cheeks Merino was started in New Zealand, in 2007, by two very clever mums. 


    They knew they needed a fabric that was not only warm but hypoallergenic and soft against sensitive skin. Merino wool was the obvious choice due to being exceptionally warm for it’s weight, yet breathable and soft on delicate skin. It’s hypoallergenic properties ensure it is safe for babies and kids with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies. And in some cases, it has even been shown to reduce allergies


    There was nothing on the market that ticked all these boxes. So they decided to create their own.


    What started as a few pieces to meet their kids needs, quickly turned into items that were requested by their wider friends and family. From that, Sweet Cheeks Merino was born. They created a line of beautiful merino wool products that have stood the test of time and have been loved by families for well over a decade.


    Today, Sweet Cheeks is owned by a small family unit who are spread across Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Nurtured Birth

    Nurtured Birth is a collective of passionate practitioners offering a range of natural therapies and support for women and their families, including massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, birth support & childbirth education, postnatal doula support and pre and postnatal yoga


    Our aim is to strive to support families to feel equipped in making informed decisions and navigate the system that can often feel overwhelming. Opening awareness of birth possibilities, from medical to natural and everything in between, Nurtured Birth is a nest for women and their families to feel held.

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