• Today it’s very different.

    Our support network is spread far and wide. So when life stuff happens to someone we love, we can be left wondering,

    ‘How can I help?’

    Current options include: head scratching over a well-intentioned but not always perfect present (we see you and we feel you, fellow procrastinators); whip arounds for a group gift then chasing up contributions (would rather not thanks); asking our loved one what they’d like (you might think this is helpful. Spoiler alert: it’s not.) We knew there had to be a better way.

    So we pondered what a 21st century Village would look like. How we could make it easy to coordinate group support and help in a meaningful way.

    And just like that, It Takes a Village was born.

  • Fran, with her boys, in her natural habitat

  • Our Why

    We’re helping people take care of each other and the environment

    We’re helping to build the village that would, in past times, be rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty.

    We’re helping those asking themselves, ‘How do I make someone feel better when I don’t know what to say or do?’

    And those thinking, ‘A silk eye mask is lovely but I’d really like someone to vacuum the stairs.’

    And because we’re big fans of the planet, we’re eliminating a superficial layer of gifting from the environment along the way.

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