• Because we’re big believers in the power of community

    An easy way to show support with gifts that are genuinely helpful (think cleaning or gardening services, baby sitting or a nice hot meal).

    Staff Departing
    Sophie’s Newborn Village


  • STEP 1

    Create your Village
    & spread the word

    Create a Village online with your friend’s email & postcode. Share the village link to invite the crew to chip in and leave a message of support.

  • STEP 2

    Gift the

    Your friend is notified via email that they have a Village gift voucher and some amazing ways to redeem it. This confirms what they have long suspected – that their friends and family are the finest specimens on earth.

  • STEP 3

    All feel
    a bit better

    They redeem their voucher for all the things they really need, at the times they really need them. Spirits will be lifted (literally, if you’re anything like us). Cue relief and warm glow all around.

Create a virtual Village of helping hands

Let’s not shy away from it. Life can get a bit sh*t. But when a loved one or colleague is struggling, it can be hard to know how to help. Enter ‘It Takes a Village’. An easy way to show support with gifts that are genuinely helpful (think cleaning or gardening services, baby sitting or a nice hot meal). Gifts that bring a real sense of relief in tough times (not like an edible flower basket, or a new swaddle… for a third child). With the added benefit of a shareable donation link; you will never have to collect (or… chase) money from your friends again.

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  • Still Beauty

    At Still Beauty, we don’t believe that a treatment should be a treat.

    Our philosophy is simple: beauty and massage equals health and wellbeing. Since we began in 2014, we’ve helped numerous people through all of life’s little (and not so little) tensions, from pregnancy and injury to simple everyday stress. You’ve only got one life, make it beautiful

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  • Stanley St Kitchen

    Our deliciously wholesome heat-at-home meals, pantry staples and essentials for the fridge are here to make your life easier.

    No boutique price tags and no fuss – just restaurant quality food and drink that even the greenest of kitchen novices can serve up and take credit for.

    During these particularly challenging times, we’re doing everything we can to get our home-cooked meals into the hands of as many Melbournians as we can.


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  • Space & Time

    Professional organiser, Julie Cliff founded Space & Time to make home simpler through decluttering, systems and habits. A simpler home means:

    • More time for the important stuff.
    • More time with your kids and family.
    • More time to write that novel or finally get those odd jobs around the house done.


    Space & Time offers one-on-one, hands-on help if it’s all too much to do on your own and/or online programs, tools and templates to get you started on your own.

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  • Your Grocer

    The premise of YourGrocer is simple; You place your order with multiple local shops & markets through our site and while you’re living your life, we collect the great produce personally selected for you and deliver it straight to your kitchen bench in refrigerated vans (or to a safe spot in cool bags with ice packs if you’re out)

    If you order before 11am, we’ll have it all to you the same day, whether you ordered from one shop or five

    We include more than 60 family-owned shops, including Aunt Maggie’s Organics in Balaclava, La Manna Fresh in Brunswick or North Carlton Quality Meats, as well as stores at the Prahran, Preston, South Melbourne or Queen Victoria markets

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  • Dinner Sorted

    More than just fresh food delivery, we shop for the best, local ingredients and hand-pack them the day they are delivered to you!


    With a focus on less waste, more recycling, we are making a conscious effort to reduce our footprint on our planet..


    You choose between a Meal Kit box with delicious and easy recipes and all the ingredients, or a Fresh box with a variety of meats and seasonal vegetables for you to create your own special recipe.


    What’s in the box?

    • Quality grass-fed, free-range and chemical-free fresh meats from local producers
    • Freshest vegetable and fruit packed in the morning and delivered to you by the afternoon
    • Carefully selected portion packed ingredients, packed in the exact quantities required
    • Bakery items such as bread, wraps or tortillas so you have everything
    • Sauces, Yogurts, Pickled items and more packed to precise specifications
    • Recipe cards with clear step-by-step guides on how to make your meals
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  • “Ivy was my 3rd baby and the last thing I needed was another brand-new swaddle or teddy bear. I set up a Village instead of a baby registry, so the gifts from our friends turned into a cleaner for the first few months which REALLY helped us out”

    Sally  — 


  • “As the office manager in a large company, It Takes a Village has made my life much easier. The company can support our employees in a meaningful way through the ups and downs that life throws at them outside the office”

    Fiona  — 


  • “It Takes a Village helped us continue with a semi-normal life. In the weeks we ran out of food or when we didn’t have time to clean the house or do the laundry, The Village was always there for us”

    Tom  — 


  • “As a school community we wanted to support a family & It Takes a Village was the perfect solution. They could choose the things they needed, when they needed them, plus it was so easy to share within the school to contribute”

    Kate  — 


Meaningful gifts mean less waste

It’s official. Genuinely helpful gift vouchers mean more impact for the person you love and less impact on the environment… I mean, has any baby ever worn size 0 sneakers? The world is now full. A lot of this stuff chews up resources, spews out pollution and ends up in landfill. Which is why, wherever possible, we work with businesses and brands that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Create a Village
It’s Thoughtful
It’s Simple
It’s Helpful
It’s Flexible
It’s Useful
It’s Secure
It’s Sustainable
It’s Powerful
It’s Community

Why It Takes a Village?

When someone close to you is going through any number of WTF life situations, including; family illness, injury, cancer treatment, grief.. or even those joyful (but still WTF) experiences of pregnancy and babies, it can feel very isolating for them.

Knowing they’re not alone makes a big difference and a supportive group is a great source of strength. In summary: A Village makes it easier when life gets tough.