• Staff Departing
    Sophie’s Newborn Village


    • STEP 1

      Create the Village
      & spread the word

      Creating a village is easy: simply enter your friend’s email and postcode and you will receive a unique link that you can share with others to chip in and send a message of support.

    • STEP 2

      Gift the

      Once you are ready, you can hit send on your voucher. Your friend will be notified about their Village gift along with your beautiful messages. This confirms what they have long suspected – that their friends and family are the finest specimens on earth.

    • STEP 3

      All feel
      a bit better

      They redeem their voucher for all the things they really need, at the times they really need them. Spirits will be lifted (literally, if you’re anything like us). Cue relief and warm glow all around.

    Create a virtual Village of helping hands

    Let’s not shy away from it. Life can get a bit sh*t. But when a loved one or colleague is struggling, it can be hard to know how to help. Enter ‘It Takes a Village’. An easy way to show support with gifts that are genuinely helpful (think cleaning or gardening services, baby sitting or a nice hot meal). Gifts that bring a real sense of relief in tough times (not like an edible flower basket, or a new swaddle… for a third child). With the added benefit of a shareable contribution link; you will never have to collect (or… chase) money from your friends again.

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    • VegMeUp

      Whether you lack the time to shop and come up with new meal ideas, or you’re looking to reduce your meat intake, VegMeUp, Melbourne’s premier plant-based delivery service is the ideal solution for you.


      Jimmy, the founder and head chef at VegMeUp, is passionate about creating delicious and nutritious dishes using 100% plant-based ingredients. With the belief that eating more plants helps in creating a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, Jimmy decided to turn his passion into a business. VegMeUp launched in 2021 and Jimmy has made it his mission to educate and show that cooking with plants can be easy, fun, exciting and delicious!


      With over 100 delicious fully plant-based dishes in their repertoire, VegMeUp hopes to inspire and help many people on their plant-based journey.

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    • The Laundry Hamper

      Melbourne premier laundry & ironing service understand that your time is a valuable commodity that is better spent doing the things you love rather than the chores you hate.


      The Laundry Hamper are a family owned laundry service proudly servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. They provide all laundry and ironing services in-house. There is no middle man and no outsourcing, so you can be sure your garments are safe.

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    • STILL

      At STILL, we believe that every body is different, and what’s good for one person mightn’t be for another. The benefits of massage therapy are self-evident. Not only are massages relaxing, but they also help reduce stress, unravel your body, promote circulation and release endorphins, leaving you glowing and happy.


      A Melbourne-based massage service, STILL has been helping people through all of life’s little (and not so little) tensions since 2014. We work to determine and pinpoint the exact sources of tension for every individual, whether it’s tight shoulders, tension headaches, an injury or all of the above. Our practitioners are highly skilled massage therapists, trained to work with all body types and ages.


      This amazing service can be delivered in your home – We arrive with everything needed for a complete, satisfying treatment, from the table to the oils. All you need to do is answer the door then let yourself unwind.


      Or if you prefer your massage can be delivered within the beautiful spa environment of Little Company in Collingwood (please still use the booking form below to book)

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    • Audrey & Alfie

      Audrey and Alfie makes mealtimes and snack times easy for families juggling it all, with nutritious food for babies, toddlers and children delivered to your door. Our dietitian-designed bowls, finger food and lunch box items arrive ready-to-heat or eat, so families can have a tasty meal on the table in just a few minutes.


      Our food is made in Melbourne, using locally sourced and organic ingredients where possible. Our food contains no added salt or refined sugar and is free from artificial preservatives, additives or fillers. Meals are nutrient dense and packed full of vegetables, with both hidden and visible options to support all little ones, including little veggie detectives.


      Families can choose one of our prepared bundles, which are curated to meet their needs of children at different ages and stages, or choose from our range of individual products.

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    • Space & Time

      Professional organiser, Julie Cliff founded Space & Time to make home simpler through decluttering, systems and habits. A simpler home means:

      • More time for the important stuff.
      • More time with your kids and family.
      • More time to write that novel or finally get those odd jobs around the house done.


      Space & Time offers one-on-one, hands-on help for SPACE decluttering and TIME decluttering!


      Their decluttering specialists can come and do it for you, do it with you, or they have created online programs, tools and templates to get you going on your own.

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    • The Empire Rose

      The Empire Rose was founded by Rosa, a qualified hairdresser with over 20 years experience in the industry, including in cutting, colouring and styling. She loves the feeling of making others feel good through her work.


      Based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, The Empire Rose houses an at home salon retreat, and Rosa also offers mobile hairdressing to visit clients. This is fabulous for those with mobility or transport issues, or who may have young children at home. She can look after your whole family’s hair needs in one go!


      Rosa knows that a fresh haircut can make her clients day, and getting the family all looked after all at once can be a god-send for those trying to manage the daily logistics juggle!

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    • Our Cow

      Our Cow is more than just an online destination to buy quality meat! While of course it provides the convenience and flexibility of online shopping and home delivery to families across Australia, it also provides stability and support to hundreds of farming families across Australia. It’s a win-win!


      The founders David and Bianca, had a vision to create an everlasting connection between farmers and the people who purchase their food. A vision to connect consumers to where their food comes from, tell the positive stories of agriculture and deliver the very best grass fed and organic meat to the dinner table of fellow Aussie Families.


      Our Cow started with grass fed beef, but as the word spread, so did the breadth of the farming relationships, with the offering now including organic chicken, free range pork, grass fed lamb and wild caught seafood.


      You can build your own box of quality produce or choose from one of the hand selected pre-built boxes and determine the frequency of delivery from a one off occurrence to a weekly subscription.


      Our Cow is giving the everyday Aussie an opportunity to not only support the core industry and heritage of the country but to know what real food tastes like.

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    • Amico

      Amico are garden maintenance specialists with additional expertise in landscaping, design, irrigation and tree services. They recognise that a beautiful garden has the ability to bring peace, tranquillity and joy into a space. However, nurturing and maintaining a healthy, vibrant landscape is no easy feat. That’s why Amico have been providing garden maintenance and service needs to satisfied Sydney customers since 1994.


      Approaching each job with professionalism, creativity and decades of skill and experience, their dedicated gardeners work swiftly and diligently so that you can maintain and enjoy your outdoor space hassle-free.


      Offering a service that goes above and beyond, Amico are prompt, efficient, and complete work to the highest possible standard. Their operating model of several highly service-oriented and professional teams ensure customer satisfaction is exceeded every time, with a beautiful, healthy garden the end result.

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    • Dietlicious

      If you dread diets, then Dietlicious is for you. We offer 100% healthy and convenient meals that taste delicious. Achieve your health goals without feeling deprived and save time too!


      Choose from one of our Meal Plans, such as our Cleanses, Fast 800, 1200 Calorie, 5:2 Diet, Anti-Inflammatory or Keto plans – all the cooking, nutrition balancing and calorie counting is done for you! Alternatively, you can select from our huge range of individual breakfasts, lunches, dinners, salads and snacks. Managing your weight could not be easier!


      Fresh made and snap frozen, our meals don’t have preservatives, additives, or anything genetically modified.

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    • Bumps Pilates

      Your body changes dramatically during pregnancy with the weight of the baby, stretching of muscles and ligaments and hormonal changes (to name just a few!). This can cause symptoms of back/pelvic pain, weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, separation of abdominal muscles (DRAM), posture changes and muscle tightness.


      Bumps Pilates knows all of this, and was designed specifically for pregnancy, by Physiotherapists specialising in Womens’ Health, who also run all classes.


      Performed on reformer pilates beds, which have spring loaded resistance to provide safe strengthening & stretching of your body, Bumps Pilates help throughout Pregnancy and while recovering after birth.


      Bumps Pilates classes help you strengthen specific muscles, stretch tight muscles, and can both prepare you for labour & birth, and help to recover postnatally.

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    • UMYUM

      UMYUM was created by Steph, who became mum to Clementine in 2021. When it was time for Clemmie to start solids, Steph was so excited to cook her homemade, healthy meals that still maintained texture.


      Steering clear from the puree path, Steph followed the baby-led-weaning model. Clemmie loved Steph’s meals, and Steph loved cooking them.


      But sometimes, when life got in the way, and Steph got busy she would venture to the supermarket to find ready made meals. But there was nothing available. Well – nothing available that didn’t have salt and preservatives added or that wasn’t a puree.


      Steph figured that other parents would be looking for convenient, yet healthy meals for their babies too – and so UMYUM was born.


      UMYUMs mission is to help busy mums and dads by making nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare meals for little ones.

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    • Shooting Starr Photography

      Jacki is a Melbourne-based photographer, graphic designer and visual storyteller with an eye for detail and (it’s been said) a knack for putting people at ease.


      As a professional portrait and lifestyle photographer since 2006, she is endlessly inspired by people, their connections and dreams. As well as capturing posed and spontaneous moments, she also create story inspired fine art works, in which your portrait is just the beginning.


      Balancing playfulness and professionalism, Jacki ensures your photography session is a collaborative space. When nerves dissolve and self-consciousness subsides, the magic happens as she captures and reflect the essence of who you and your family really are.

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    • FoodSt

      FoodSt is a curated marketplace for home-cooked meals. Our authentic home cooks make delicious, generous meals in small batches, by hand, for the love of sharing. Our meals are made with love, care and generosity then freshly frozen and delivered directly to your home. We enable and empower accredited home-cooks to earn an income from home whilst making beautiful, healthy and delicious home cooked meals available to the wider community.

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    • Femme Physio

      Femme Physio specialise in pelvic health, pre and postnatal conditions and postnatal breast care. Sharona has a well deserved reputation for excellence in the treatment of breast conditions during the postnatal period and Hayley specialises in prolapse management and pessary fittings.


      The services offered by Femme Physio are:

      • mastitis & lactation related conditions (ultrasound therapy & expert management advice)
      • pelvic floor rehabilitation
      • pelvic pain/sexual pain
      • bladder/bowel dysfunction
      • pre & post natal physiotherapy
      • prolapse management & pessary fittings
      • TENS for labour (& labour education)


      Femme Physio strive for the highest quality of care and are dedicated to the holistic health and wellbeing of every client

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    • Nourish’d

      Nourish’d is a healthy meal delivery service with no BS (bad stuff)!


      The team behind Nourish’d know that you, and your body, deserve better so they have raised the industry standard on pre-prepared delivered meals and have spent the last 8 years dedicated to delivering healthy meals across Australia.


      With a rotating menu of 60+ menu choices you’ll never be short of options. All you have to do to enjoy fresh, tasty meals is order the week prior and let the team at Nourish’d do the rest. That means no shopping, preparation, cooking or cleaning required – Keeping your body ‘Nourish’d’ has never been so easy!


      Check out the Nourish’d website for more information and a look at all the delicious meals at your fingertips.

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    • Laundry Lady

      Take a load off your mind with Laundry Lady!

      The Laundry Lady is a professional mobile laundry service operating across New South Wales, Victoria & Queensland.

      A member of our team (Laundry Ladies and Lads) will come direct to your door – with our exclusive, affordable and convenient pickup and dropoff wash, dry, fold and ironing service.

      Save time and book your next wash and fold service with Laundry Lady. We do the lot:

      • Clothes
      • Linen
      • Towels
      • Blankets
      • And more..
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    • The Whole Bowl Co.

      The Whole Bowl Co. delivers nutritionist approved meals created for new mums and their families – now delivering Australia wide.


      The Whole Bowl Co. believes the postpartum period, AKA the 4th trimester, is a time for mum and bub to be bonding with as little stress as possible. It is also a crucial time for nutritional replenishment and physical healing. Their postpartum meals are created with this in mind. The recipes and ingredients are nutritionist approved, made using wholefoods, cooked to perfection in small batches.

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    • The Dinner Ladies

      The Dinner Ladies take away the stress of thinking about, shopping for, preparing and cooking dinner by delivering it to your door, so that you can enjoy great, homemade food every day.


      We cook a changing menu of seasonal specials each week to keep things interesting. These specials complement our big range of permanently available favourite meals that you can rely on, week in week out. We also have a few pantry staples to make daily life a bit sweeter, like great bread, bacon and granola.

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    • Maid to Clean

      Maid to Clean prides itself in being Melbourne’s best rated and most in demand cleaning company. There’s nothing they like better than getting stuck in to a dirty home and making it sparkle again.


      Not your average cleaning company


      We were born to clean. We’re just wired that way. We want you to be delighted with your clean every time. We know the secret to a great service is perfectly matching you with a cleaning team who understands your needs. That’s why we’ve hand-picked every one of our cleaning teams. We only choose those with extensive cleaning experience, a professional, can-do attitude and a passion for cleaning. They’ve got to be a bit fun and friendly, too.

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    • Acquaint

      About Acquaint

      Private home care for those in the know.
      Acquaint approaches private home care differently – with a premium, passionate and personal touch.
      We offer completely tailored assistance to help older people in Melbourne maintain their health and be independent at home.


      What we do

      We provide staff to assist in the home.

      Our services include convalescent care, personal care, companionship, respite, assistance with transport, overnight care, all the way through to live in care. From as little as three hours up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, we’ve got you covered.

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    • Nurtured Birth

      Nurtured Birth is a collective of passionate practitioners offering a range of natural therapies and support for women and their families, including massage, osteopathy, acupuncture, birth support & childbirth education, postnatal doula support and pre and postnatal yoga


      Our aim is to strive to support families to feel equipped in making informed decisions and navigate the system that can often feel overwhelming. Opening awareness of birth possibilities, from medical to natural and everything in between, Nurtured Birth is a nest for women and their families to feel held.

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    • Pippa’s Kitchen

      Looking for Healthy Ready Meals, made by chefs?


      Pippa’s Kitchen philosophy to food and healthy eating is, and always has been, about enjoying everything you eat, in a balanced way.


      The team an Pippa’s Kitchen know that time pressures can cause people to eat whatever is available, wherever they are, which contributes to their view that food is necessary, not something to be enjoyed. By creating delicious and healthy hand-crafted meals, Pippa’s Kitchen hope to show that food and eating is one of life’s greatest joys.


      By using quality ingredients and cooking small, fresh batches – Pippa’s Kitchen provide their customers with quick and delicious, healthy meals. So you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your loved ones.

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    • Eileen Cleaning

      Eileen Cleaning is a family-owned business, servicing customers of the Southeast Melbourne area since 2016.


      Eileen Cleaning provide quality, professional & affordable cleaning services to their valued customers. All cleaning services provided are tailored made to the specific home, to ensure that expectations are not only met but exceeded every time.


      With a desire to not only understand what their customers need, but provide the best way to deliver results, Eileen Cleaning’s skilled & reliable cleaners will provide the best service every single time.

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    • Valley Meal Prep

      Valley Meal Prep, specialising in local, ready made home cooked meals, was founded by a husband and wife team. Lena & Raf are both chefs, with over 15 years of experience.


      The duo have always been passionate about creating clean, healthy and fresh meals and they value quality time spent with their family. Valley Meal Prep was created to help out other families around them who value those same things – healthy home cooked meals, without any of the preparation (or time it takes up)!


      Picking up the best culinary knowledge of different cultures from travelling all around the world, Valley Meal Prep offers a range of meals that spans multiple flavours and cuisines.


      All meals are prepared using high quality, natural and locally sourced ingredients to make delicious home cooked meals. Plus, all Valley Meal Prep meals come in eco-friendly packaging & have a 7 day refrigerated shelf life.

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    • Sweet Cheeks Merino

      Sweet Cheeks Merino was started in New Zealand, in 2007, by two very clever mums. 


      They knew they needed a fabric that was not only warm but hypoallergenic and soft against sensitive skin. Merino wool was the obvious choice due to being exceptionally warm for it’s weight, yet breathable and soft on delicate skin. It’s hypoallergenic properties ensure it is safe for babies and kids with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies. And in some cases, it has even been shown to reduce allergies


      There was nothing on the market that ticked all these boxes. So they decided to create their own.


      What started as a few pieces to meet their kids needs, quickly turned into items that were requested by their wider friends and family. From that, Sweet Cheeks Merino was born. They created a line of beautiful merino wool products that have stood the test of time and have been loved by families for well over a decade.


      Today, Sweet Cheeks is owned by a small family unit who are spread across Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

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    • Greenlands Grocer

      For 40 years, Greenlands Grocer has ethically sourced fresh fruit and vegetables for their loyal customers.


      Not only is Greenlands Grocer a market-leading supplier of fruit and vegetables in Victoria. You can also stock up on milk, bread, eggs and other pantry staples. It’s the real one stop shop for all your family food needs!


      Dedicated to sourcing quality produce for clients, Greenlands are HACCP quality assured and are committed to supporting local Australian farmers by sourcing only from Melbourne fresh markets or directly from growers/agents. Through long-lasting relationships with local growers, and keeping sustainability top of mind, you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll receive only the best, freshest produce.


      The team at Greenlands Grocer also have curated hampers and grazing boxes that are the perfect way to cheer someone (or yourself!) up.


      Plus, with a wide range of delivery options available, you’ll get the best produce, at a time that works best for you.

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    • Dog Concierge

      The team at Dog Concierge are dog lovers, and know that dogs are happiest when they are getting the exercise they need.


      Dog Concierge is all about the healthy exercise of dogs, making sure they are happy, tired and ready for you when you get home.


      Whether you need your dog walked, an errand run with your best friend or access to food and other supplies happily delivered to your door, Dog Concierge is the right choice.


      A professional team dedicated to the ongoing health of your dog(s), we are dog owners ourselves, and deeply believe in the joy of dog ownership and the importance of exercise for our canine friends.

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    • Poppy & Daisy Designs

      Poppy & Daisy offers eco-friendly craft activities for kids, aiming to provide hours of plastic-free, non-toxic play.


      Poppy & Daisy was born after Helen, the company founder and mum to two daughters, Poppy & Daisy, was overwhelmed with the number of plastic gifts received after hosting a birthday party for her girls. It was at that moment that Helen realised her childhood involved a lot less plastic, less technology & a lot more hands-on creativity, and imaginative outdoor play!


      Poppy & Daisy’s mission is to reduce plastic toys in landfill, while inspiring more wholesome creative nature play for children.


      Each kit includes raw materials to create something inspired by nature. The kits contains materials such as sand, shells, wood, stones, paper, dried flowers and clay.

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    • Nourish Retreat

      Whether it be a relaxation massage, pregnancy, lymphatic, aromatherapy or therapeutic massage, Nourish Day Spa & Wellbeing Centre is the perfect way to retreat, spoil and unwind.

      The therapists at Nourish Day Spa & Wellbeing Centre provide a holistic view to all treatments, ensuring individualised services of the highest quality. Whether it is to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, muscle tension, for pain management or for more energy, the fully trained masseuses will deliver a service that exceeds expectations.

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    • Neat.Home

      Neat.Home offer personalised housekeeping, tidying & cleaning services to help keep homes cleaner and more organised all around Melbourne. Their professional services include hotel standard cleaning and tidying solutions – that’s right, never clean for your cleaner again!


      The trained & insured team at Neat.Home offer reputable services, with all cleaning products and tools high-quality and eco-friendly, to ensure a healthy and tidy experience for you & your family.


      These cleaning magicians tailor their service to the needs of each household, and approach every situation with a positive, responsible and methodical attitude, creating a radiant & tidy home on completion.

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    • Life is. Beautiful – Holistic Counsellor

      Do you want to unravel what’s stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself?

      Are you ready to face the challenges that occupy your mind?

      Want to learn some tools to help you navigate all that life is throwing at you?


      Tricia Lee, the owner of Life Is. Beautiful, is a qualified holistic counsellor who cares deeply about helping her clients navigate their own journey.

      Tricia believes that understanding and appreciating oneself is an integral part of living life to the absolute fullest.


      Tricia’s life has been adventurous and with lots of learning curves along the way. Her story includes growing up in an Italian migrant family, working in the corporate world, becoming a mother & experiencing loss – all of these experiences bringing many learnings, contributing to Tricia’s life story and making her well placed to help you live your life to the fullest.

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    • Detail Capital Cleaning

      Detail Capital Cleaning are a small family owned business specialising in all things cleaning.


      With a host of 5 star ratings, the Detail Capital Cleaning team offer quality service and unmatched value.


      Servicing the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, owner Jimmi and his team offer a host of full-house cleaning services, including: regular domestic & commercial cleans, carpet steam cleaning, windows, tile & grout cleaning, oven deep cleans and outdoor high pressure cleans – just to name a few!


      Fully insured & police checked, Jimmi and the Detail Capital Cleaning team will ensure a top-notch clean every single time, and make your home a dream to come home to.
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    • Gourmet Dinner Service

      If you’re just too busy to cook, Gourmet Dinner Service is for you. We offer wholesome, hearty, comforting and convenient meals, so you can spend your time focusing on the things that matter most to you.


      We have something to suit everyone! With over 150 options, choose from complete meals for one, mains for two, family sized favourites, kids meals, finger food, desserts, side dishes or our comprehensive Christmas celebration menu.


      Fresh made and snap frozen, our meals don’t have preservatives, additives, or anything genetically modified.

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    • Bravery Co.

      Bravery Co. was born to a girl called Emily. A dreamer and a traveller, a collector and a designer, she spent her days as an Art Director in a bubble of colour and happiness.


      Then she got sick. Real sick. She got cancer.

      Not once, not twice but three times.


      And do you know what, she beat it.

      Not once, not twice but three times.


      Inspired by her own experience of chemo, cancer, naps, and turbans, she’s on a mission to create some cool cancer headwear in the hope to give bravery to others going through something she knows only too well.


      To find out more about Emily and her story, visit the Bravery Co. website, or subscribe to the blog.

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    • Franjos Kitchen

      Franjos Kitchen exists to support and nourish mothers and their families. Franjos see food as nature’s medicine and in consultation with a naturopath, have formulated a range of natural ingredients to create delicious and nutritious snacks specifically for mamas and mamas-to-be.


      The aim of Franjos is to enhance the experience of motherhood by creating natural, nourishing and functional food that supports women through each stage of their journey – from pregnancy, to breastfeeding and beyond.


      When you eat a Franjos Kitchen biscuit, cracker or muesli, the team behind Franjos want it to feel like you’re getting a warm and delicious hug. Whether you’re struggling to keep anything down while pregnant or worried about your milk supply, Franjos functional food aims to make mum life that little bit easier for you.

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    • Blys

      Blys is Australia’s leading platform for mobile spa treatments. They know how easy it is for life to get in the way of wellbeing, so they created a platform to make it easier than ever to book a relaxing, rejuvenating spa treatment on demand.


      With thousands of independent, qualified massage and beauty professionals across Australia, you can book a treatment straight from the Blys app in minutes and have a professional come straight to your door at a time that suits you.


      The best part? The provider brings everything with them, so there’s no preparation required!


      Treat yourself to the ultimate in self-care with an in-home massage, beauty, or wellness treatment from Blys.


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    • Fill Your Cup


      Imagine a world where after the birth of your child, you returned home and had a dedicated person whose sole job was to look after YOU. Provide support and nourishment for YOU. Someone to make delicious nutrient-rich meals, fold that stack of washing, settle your baby while you rest and lend a non-judgmental ear when you’ve had a tough night. Welcome to Fill Your Cup.


      With more than 16 years in health and medical education, we understand how to replenish, restore and support you in the thick of motherhood. Our Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Newcastle (and soon Brisbane) practices focus on evidenced-based postpartum care that is exclusively curated to your needs. And with access to a team of professionally trained FYC doulas, we guarantee continuity of care – the most important factor in positive postnatal outcomes for you, your child and the community

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    • Little Droppings

      Introducing Little Droppings, your hassle-free solution for your cloth nappy needs!


      Cloth nappies are a great choice for little bums and for the planet, but let’s face it – the cleaning part can be a real chore – washing, drying, and folding (repeat, repeat, repeat).


      Luckily the team at Little Droppings get a kick out of it! They love taking care of your dirty cloth nappies.


      Here’s how it works: Little Droppings pick up your used nappies twice a week and deliver fresh ones to your doorstep. It’s a service that simplifies your life, giving you more time to spend with your little one and less time doing laundry.


      Available in most of Adelaide metro area.

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    • Amoeba Massage

      Amoeba Massage specialises in Hawaiian-style massage, which includes Kahuna, Lomi Lomi, and Hot Stones.


      Hawaiian-style massage is unique as the focus is on long, flowing strokes which massage the body as a single entity. Coconut oil is used, resulting in a deeply relaxing and rhythmic experience, which enhances the therapeutic benefit of massage.


      Hawaiian massage integrates the mind, body, and spirit and Amoeba Massage is passionate about demonstrating the value of an integrated approach to massage therapy.


      Amoeba Massage prides itself on creating a full-body experience for its clients, which softens the muscles, mobilizes the joints, and relaxes the mind.

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    • End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

      End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne offers top-tier deep cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of residents and businesses throughout Melbourne, Australia.


      Specializing in deep cleaning solutions, the company ensures thorough cleanliness for clients, particularly those vacating rental properties. Their services encompass after-builders, carpet, office, house, and move-in/out cleaning, utilizing cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly products for a pristine finish. With a seasoned team dedicated to quality, End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne delivers seamless and stress-free end-of-lease cleaning experiences, leaving properties immaculate and impressing both landlords and real estate agents.

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    Meaningful gifts that support the community and the environment

    It’s official. Genuinely helpful gift vouchers mean more impact for the person you love and less impact on the environment… I mean, has any baby ever worn size 0 sneakers? The world is now full. A lot of this stuff chews up resources, spews out pollution and ends up in landfill. Which is why, wherever possible, we work with businesses and brands that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. And because we’ve partnered with local businesses, your gift will be supporting your community as well.

    Create a Village
    It’s Thoughtful
    It’s Simple
    It’s Helpful
    It’s Flexible
    It’s Useful
    It’s Secure
    It’s Sustainable
    It’s Powerful
    It’s Community

    Why It Takes a Village?

    When someone close to you is going through any number of WTF life situations, including; family illness, injury, cancer treatment, grief.. or even those joyful (but still WTF) experiences of pregnancy and babies, it can feel very isolating for them.

    Knowing they’re not alone makes a big difference and a supportive group is a great source of strength. In summary: A Village makes it easier when life gets tough.

    • “Ivy was my 3rd baby and the last thing I needed was another brand-new swaddle or teddy bear. I set up a Village instead of a baby registry, so the gifts from our friends turned into a cleaner for the first few months which REALLY helped us out”

      Sally  — 


    • “It Takes a Village was an incredible resource when I didn’t know what I (literally) needed but I knew I needed support”

      Holly  — 


    • “I used the my village to arrange some meals delivered when I returned to work after our first baby and we got used to our new routine. It was very very helpful to be able to organise the support we needed over our first 12 months.”

      Steph  — 


    • “We wanted to assist the family, when one of our long serving team members passed away suddenly. We found the family needed help they could access easily. Help with meals, help with cleaning, help with the garden. It Takes a Village provided meaningful assistance during a time of loss and sorrow.”

      Tom  — 


    • “I loved reading the beautiful messages of love and support from my village, it boosted me up and reminded me of the unbelievable support network around me to get me through a difficult time.”

      Holly  — 


    • “As a school community we wanted to support a family & It Takes a Village was the perfect solution. They could choose the things they needed, when they needed them, plus it was so easy to share within the school to contribute”

      Kate  — 


    • “It Takes a Village helped us continue with a semi-normal life. In the weeks we ran out of food or when we didn’t have time to clean the house or do the laundry, The Village was always there for us”

      Chris  — 


    • “As the office manager in a large company, It Takes a Village has made my life much easier. The company can support our employees in a meaningful way through the ups and downs that life throws at them outside the office”

      Fiona  — 


    • “My work and family arranged a village when I had my first child via caesarean and my partner had to go straight back to work. It was fabulous to be able to arrange a cleaner while I had some recovery time.”

      Steph  — 


    • “It had a fantastic array of options for help when I didn’t know where to start. I ended up with meals and cleaning support for over a year when I carefully spaced it out!”

      Holly  —