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Let these services help get your prepared for the arrival.

Space & Time

Professional organiser, Julie Cliff founded Space & Time to make home simpler through decluttering, systems and habits. A simpler home means:

  • More time for the important stuff.
  • More time with your kids and family.
  • More time to write that novel or finally get those odd jobs around the house done.


Space & Time offers one-on-one, hands-on help if it’s all too much to do on your own and/or online programs, tools and templates to get you started on your own.

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Fill Your Cup


Imagine a world where after the birth of your child, you returned home and had a dedicated person whose sole job was to look after YOU. Provide support and nourishment for YOU. Someone to make delicious nutrient-rich meals, fold that stack of washing, settle your baby while you rest and lend a non-judgmental ear when you’ve had a tough night.

Enter stage left… This person is known as a Fill Your Cup postpartum doula.

Micka and Renee are trained postpartum doulas who met whilst completing their PhDs at Monash University. Renee focused on the biochemistry of the immune system, whilst Micka pursued her passion for women’s health. They’ve taken divergent career paths but continued their friendship throughout the years. Their daughters, born almost 365 days apart, sparked a new bond. Motherhood. From there, came a new and undiscovered appreciation for mothers and matrescence – the transition of a maiden into a mother… and Fill Your Cup was born…

Our philosophy is simple:

Mother the mumma, nurture the nurturer and provide women the opportunity to fall in love with their postpartum experience

Our evidence-based menu is designed to nourish and strengthen you during the fourth trimester. As the weeks progress, the menu is curated to your specific needs with a focus on organic nutrient-dense foods that promote the love hormone, oxytocin. Our meals are warm, restorative and assist in promoting better breastfeeding outcomes for you and your baby.

Our main meals may include: Mexican-style Mothers food bowls; Hunter chicken stew, creamy coconut dahl and nourishing ginger fried rice. At least one vegetarian/vegan option each week.

Our sweeties may include: dark chocolate + goji lactation cookies, gooey chocolate brownies, blueberry and oat pancakes and dark chocolate tahini fudge.

Read more on the menu HERE

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Nurtured Birth

Nurtured Birth is a collective of passionate practitioners offering a range of natural therapies and support for women and their families, including massage, naturopathy, osteopathy, birth support, postnatal doula support, pre and postnatal yoga, childbirth education and mum’s and bubs groups


Our aim is to strive to support families to feel equipped in making informed decisions and navigate the system that can often feel overwhelming. Opening awareness of birth possibilities, from medical to natural and everything in between, Nurtured Birth is a nest for women and their families to feel held in

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Justine Law, Mothercare & Postpartum Support

Justine Law is a trained postpartum professional who supports women practically and emotionally, in the lead up to and during their fourth trimester.


She offers postpartum planning sessions as well as hands-on pre and postnatal in-home support which might look like: meal and pantry prepping, village-building support or hands-on help organising spaces and routines that will make daily life easier for you. All of her work is underpinned by a commitment to sustainable and low-tox living with the ability to guide families in making simple swaps along the way.


She loves to help families navigate the overwhelm, so they can focus on slowing down, bonding and things which bring them joy. Her goal is to help women feel anchored, prepared and fully supported, so they can surrender and lean into their fourth trimester with peace and calm.


She has two in-home service packages. These packages have been designed to offer a bank of hours to give you maximum flexibility to use our time together as best suits your needs. They can be used either pre or postnatally and might include things from the in-home visit options such as cooking nourishing meals and snacks, organising and decluttering spaces that need a little love or simply taking care of baby while you rest. You might want to spend additional time working through your postpartum plan and putting a few more things in place or need some help setting up practical systems at home that will mean more ease once baby is here. Justine’s goal is support you in whatever it is that you need to help you feel less overwhelmed, more anchored and ready for life with a newborn.



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