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Nope! As long as It Takes a Village exists, so too does your credit
No way! Only the Village owner can see the amounts people have contributed, should Contributors choose to show it. Contributors can also choose to hide it from the Village Owner
Absolutely! Except of course the dastardly card fees that go straight to Stripe (though they are providing a pretty handy service for us)
It Takes a Village covers running costs and hopefully one day, turns a profit in two ways: First of all by receiving a commission from the supplier partners on the site when vouchers are redeemed; and secondly from the $2.50 service fee when a Village is started or contributed to
When you set up a Village, you can choose whether to send it directly to your friend (people can still contribute at any time), or whether to send the login details to yourself while your other friends contribute and then you can send to her once everyone has put it. Flexibility is king!
Great question! And integral to our growth. We are completely focussed on securing more and more brilliant Supplier Partners so the Village is always filled with fabulous, specific and helpful services to redeem. A postcode will automatically turn on when five or more Supplier partners service that postcode - to make sure that if you start a Village for someone there are a range of different options to suit their situation. It would be no good if the only Supplier Partner servicing their postcode was a dogwalker... and they didn't have a dog. Know what I mean?

... So in case it isn't obvious, if you're an interested, potential Supplier Partner and we don't appear to service your area yet, please get in touch, because you might be the fifth business we need to turn on your postcode!