Loved Ones Passing

Supporting a loved one with a helpful gift is simple. Here's how it works.

Not shy away from it. Life can get a bit
sh*t. But when a loved one or colleague is struggling,

Start Here

Start Here

Who is it from?

Who is it from?

There is a group of us

There is a group of us

Just me

Just me

Create a Village

Create a Village

Invite your group to contribute

Invite your group to contribute

Gift the Voucher

Gift the Voucher

Recipient spends voucher on multiple items

Recipient spends voucher on multiple items

Create your Village & spread the word

Create a Village online with your friend's email & postcode. Share the village link to invite the crew to chip in and leave a message of support.

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Gift the voucher?

Your friend is notified via email that they have a Village gift voucher and some amazing ways to redeem it. This confirms what they have long suspected – that their friends and family are the finest specimens on earth.

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All feel a bit better

They redeem their voucher for all the things they really need, at the times they really need them. Spirits will be lifted (literally, if you’re anything like us). Cue relief and warm glow all around.

Create a Village
  • "As a school community we wanted to support a family & It Takes a Village was the perfect solution. They could choose the things they needed, when they needed them, plus it was so easy to share within the school to contribute"

    Kate  — 


  • "It Takes a Village helped us continue with a semi-normal life. In the weeks we ran out of food or when we didn’t have time to clean the house or do the laundry, The Village was always there for us"

    Chris  — 


  • "As the office manager in a large company, It Takes a Village has made my life much easier. The company can support our employees in a meaningful way through the ups and downs that life throws at them outside the office"

    Fiona  — 


  • "I loved reading the beautiful messages of love and support from my village, it boosted me up and reminded me of the unbelievable support network around me to get me through a difficult time."

    Holly  — 


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    UrbanFarm is a revolutionary concept born out of Melbourne. A food delivery service unlike any other, UrbanFarm is Melbourne’s only immediately delivered, non-subscription, plastic free, meal kit company. Meaning you can order today, for fresh produce to make a delicious dinner delivered tonight.


    What began as a meal kit company, has since grown to include:

    • Free range meats (in simple 2, 4 or 6 serve portion sizes)
    • Vegetables (in 2, 4 and 6 serving sizes)
    • Essentials, such as butter, milk and olive oil
    • Wine & beer pairings


    Choose from UrbanFarm’s illustrious range including Family Boxes, Street Eats, Asian, Italian, Plant Based, Hearty Salads and much, much more.

    Crafted for people with great taste in food, and who care about the environment with 100% compostable packaging.

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    Take a load off your mind with Laundry Lady!

    The Laundry Lady is a professional mobile laundry service operating across New South Wales, Victoria & Queensland.

    A member of our team (Laundry Ladies and Lads) will come direct to your door – with our exclusive, affordable and convenient pickup and dropoff wash, dry, fold and ironing service.

    Save time and book your next wash and fold service with Laundry Lady. We do the lot:

    • Clothes
    • Linen
    • Towels
    • Blankets
    • And more..
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  • Nourish'd

    Nourish’d is a healthy meal delivery service with no BS (bad stuff)!


    The team behind Nourish’d know that you, and your body, deserve better so they have raised the industry standard on pre-prepared delivered meals and have spent the last 8 years dedicated to delivering healthy meals across Australia.


    With a rotating menu of 60+ menu choices you’ll never be short of options. All you have to do to enjoy fresh, tasty meals is order the week prior and let the team at Nourish’d do the rest. That means no shopping, preparation, cooking or cleaning required – Keeping your body ‘Nourish’d’ has never been so easy!


    Check out the Nourish’d website for more information and a look at all the delicious meals at your fingertips.

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  • Detail Capital Cleaning

    Detail Capital Cleaning are a small family owned business specialising in all things cleaning.


    With a host of 5 star ratings, the Detail Capital Cleaning team offer quality service and unmatched value.


    Servicing the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, owner Jimmi and his team offer a host of full-house cleaning services, including: regular domestic & commercial cleans, carpet steam cleaning, windows, tile & grout cleaning, oven deep cleans and outdoor high pressure cleans – just to name a few!


    Fully insured & police checked, Jimmi and the Detail Capital Cleaning team will ensure a top-notch clean every single time, and make your home a dream to come home to.
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  • Greenlands Grocer

    For 40 years, Greenlands Grocer has ethically sourced fresh fruit and vegetables for their loyal customers.


    Not only is Greenlands Grocer a market-leading supplier of fruit and vegetables in Victoria. You can also stock up on milk, bread, eggs and other pantry staples. It’s the real one stop shop for all your family food needs!


    Dedicated to sourcing quality produce for clients, Greenlands are HACCP quality assured and are committed to supporting local Australian farmers by sourcing only from Melbourne fresh markets or directly from growers/agents. Through long-lasting relationships with local growers, and keeping sustainability top of mind, you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll receive only the best, freshest produce.


    The team at Greenlands Grocer also have curated hampers and grazing boxes that are the perfect way to cheer someone (or yourself!) up.


    Plus, with a wide range of delivery options available, you’ll get the best produce, at a time that works best for you.

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  • Wholly Eco

    Wholly Eco began as a premium eco-cleaning business, treating clients to the joy of returning home to a thoroughly cleaned house, using all natural products.


    Co-owner Amber has long been passionate about low-tox living and protecting the health of both the environment and families. Her eco-friendly ways rubbed off on partner and co-owner Steve.


    This dynamic duo are responsible for all services provided and work together on every single job to thoroughly clean your house – making it a dream to come home to.

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  • FoodSt

    FoodSt is a curated marketplace for home-cooked meals. Our authentic home cooks make delicious, generous meals in small batches, by hand, for the love of sharing. Our meals are made with love, care and generosity then freshly frozen and delivered directly to your home. We enable and empower accredited home-cooks to earn an income from home whilst making beautiful, healthy and delicious home cooked meals available to the wider community.

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  • Sittr

    Founded in 2014, Sittr is a trusted service for parents and families which aims to simplify the search for a babysitter.


    Like many, James and Samantha – a husband & wife team and the founders of Sittr – didn’t have a village of support, and personally felt the struggle of trying to find care for their loved ones. In a world where ordering transport, booking accommodation and even staying up to date with loved ones can all be done online, finding childcare was still a real pain point.


    That’s where Sittr was born.


    Families deserve a better way to find child carers whether they are looking for a full time nanny, a casual babysitter or a night out while on holidays. Sittr allows parents to instantly book and pay for a trusted, reliable babysitter.

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  • Gourmet Dinner Service

    If you’re just too busy to cook, Gourmet Dinner Service is for you. We offer wholesome, hearty, comforting and convenient meals, so you can spend your time focusing on the things that matter most to you.


    We have something to suit everyone! With over 150 options, choose from complete meals for one, mains for two, family sized favourites, kids meals, finger food, desserts, side dishes or our comprehensive Christmas celebration menu.


    Fresh made and snap frozen, our meals don’t have preservatives, additives, or anything genetically modified.

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  • Eileen Cleaning

    Eileen Cleaning is a family-owned business, servicing customers of the Southeast Melbourne area since 2016.


    Eileen Cleaning provide quality, professional & affordable cleaning services to their valued customers. All cleaning services provided are tailored made to the specific home, to ensure that expectations are not only met but exceeded every time.


    With a desire to not only understand what their customers need, but provide the best way to deliver results, Eileen Cleaning’s skilled & reliable cleaners will provide the best service every single time.

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  • Pippa's Kitchen

    Looking for Healthy Ready Meals, made by chefs?


    Pippa’s Kitchen philosophy to food and healthy eating is, and always has been, about enjoying everything you eat, in a balanced way.


    The team an Pippa’s Kitchen know that time pressures can cause people to eat whatever is available, wherever they are, which contributes to their view that food is necessary, not something to be enjoyed. By creating delicious and healthy hand-crafted meals, Pippa’s Kitchen hope to show that food and eating is one of life’s greatest joys.


    By using quality ingredients and cooking small, fresh batches – Pippa’s Kitchen provide their customers with quick and delicious, healthy meals. So you can spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your loved ones.

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  • Prime Home Cleaners

    Prime Home Cleaners are professional home cleaners committed to transforming your home!


    We are a dedicated Sydney-based group of professional cleaners offering an expertise in cleaning, coupled with friendly and reliable service. We tailor our cleaning services to suit your needs and have real prime standards not only in cleanliness and hygiene but also in your overall cleaning experience with us.


    Transform your home with our efficient and effective services and our environmentally friendly products.

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  • Valley Meal Prep

    Valley Meal Prep, specialising in local, ready made home cooked meals, was founded by a husband and wife team. Lena & Raf are both chefs, with over 15 years of experience.


    The duo have always been passionate about creating clean, healthy and fresh meals and they value quality time spent with their family. Valley Meal Prep was created to help out other families around them who value those same things – healthy home cooked meals, without any of the preparation (or time it takes up)!


    Picking up the best culinary knowledge of different cultures from travelling all around the world, Valley Meal Prep offers a range of meals that spans multiple flavours and cuisines.


    All meals are prepared using high quality, natural and locally sourced ingredients to make delicious home cooked meals. Plus, all Valley Meal Prep meals come in eco-friendly packaging & have a 7 day refrigerated shelf life.

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