The Ax Family

The Ax Family

Created: 10/04/2024
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Hi Friends, we’ve set this up to help the Ax Family out whilst Tina is in hospital & recovering. Why? Cause we all love Tina, Clark, Austin & Cohen and we wanted to do something to support them whilst Super Mum Tina is out of action for a bit. No pressure but if you’d like to contribute whatever you can afford, then the family can choose what support helps them best till Tina is back on her feet (get someone to clean the house, do the laundry or sort meals). Thank you so much xx

It Takes a Village is a platform where friends and family join together to support someone close to them with a voucher that is redeemable across a collection of like-minded, sustainable businesses. These businesses deliver services (and products) that can fill the help gaps in their household.

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